LA Roundtable #59: The State of the Republican Party - Apr 09, 2009

Since the election of President Barack Obama, the Republican Party (both in California and nationally) appears to be in shambles. It can’t seem to decide who leads it and whether it should go back to old conservative party policies or adopt new ones. Is this just a temporary bump in the road, or a serious long-term setback for the party?  

It’s an exciting and thought-provoking program with a great panel: Joe Hicks, radio commentator and Vice President of Community Advocates, a one-time Democrat who became a Republican; Jon Fleischman, former Executive Director of the California Republican Party, and now publisher of the online Flash Report; Vince Vasquez, Senior Policy Analyst with the National University System Institute for Policy Research and a frequent Op-Ed writer who is concerned about the relationship between the Republican Party and minorities; and Joe Mathews, Fellow with the New American Foundation and writer of a biography of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.